No-poop sign Stanito

Sign of the Day: The No-poop Sign

Dear Reader, You have seen before that sometimes we may bump into very strange and/or curious like the ones we have discovered in China. Well odd signs keep appearing on my way. Last week end I found this one in Chacala, West coast of Mexico. The place itself […]

Floppy-eared cow stanito

The mysterious floppy-eared cow

Dear Reader, I thought that in nature there is only one big mammal that has floppy ears. The elephant. Otherwise floppy ears are a clear feature of domesticated animals, like rabbits, some dog races, etc. That was until I encountered this lovely cow in Chacala area. The Brahman […]

Tunisian Mirage Stanito

Stanito victim of a Superior Mirage

Dear Reader, Have you ever been witness of a mirage? Well, I have. In the Tunisian desert driving towards Matmata. Dictionary defines Mirage as following: an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused […]

Japanese girl Bomarzo

A Japanese Doll in the Park of Monsters

Dear Reader, Once upon a time, a noble condottiero and patron of the arts, Sir Pier Francesco Orsini, decided to create the Park of Monsters in Bomarzo, a set of gardens filled with monsters and mythological creatures. Sir Pier Francesco made it very clear and remarked that the […]

Inside Synagogue La Ghriba 3

Austere La Ghriba Synagogue

Dear Reader, This is the most anonymous synagogue I have ever seen. La Ghriba synagogue, in Djerba, Tunisia. Even in super touristic spots of Tunisia you can find rare jewels. The La Ghriba or El Ghriba synagogue is the oldest still-standing synagogue in Africa. A rare piece of […]


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