Turtles and Lunar Eclipses

Dear Reader, My last trip left me with a huge question: how do sea animals responde to lunar cycles? It all happened last week end… We went to San Blas and found a turtle conservation center. There are many in Mexico and normally they take over the turtle […]


The Tiring Sagrada Familia

Dear Reader, when you go to Spain and especially to Barcelona is sort of a must-see thing a visit to the Sagrada Familia basilica. I have a strange feeling when it comes to visit super touristic places, like it happened in Beijing, so I had extra patience packed […]


Lady in Red of Tianjin

Dear Reader, Riccio, Mr. Ames and I were tired of Beijing… We had seen the most important sites but crowds and heat truly took a toll on us. So one night Mr. Ames says “Beijing is not working for us, lets go to Tianjin for the day”. And […]


How the Mayans played Ball

Dear Reader, As far as research tells us, the Mayans didn’t play football. They played hip ball. They had their own unique way to play with each other as a form of entertainment and to show respect to the gods. Stanito traveled to Yucatán and Quintana-Roo for you, […]


Lava Tunnels of Galapagos

Dear Reader, If you have been following my adventures up to this very day you should know that Stanito staff never hit crowded touristic places nor those places that you can easily track on internet with thousands of photos. However, when I do find myself in one of […]


Let’s Protect What’s OURS

Dear Reader, Galapagos makes an effort to protect wildlife even if sometimes things don’t work out as expected. Here is the story of a Mexican man who tried to smuggle iguanas out of Galapagos. The rules are very simple, dear Reader: if you go to Galapagos make sure […]


Lima by Night

Dear Reader, my vacation is coming to an end soon but it obviously couldn’t finish without some surprise elements: a sudden stop in Lima, Perú. That’s right, Stanito is currently in Perú for few more days with an “oh my God” feeling. Beautiful city, filled with life, culture […]


Quito’s Highlands

Dear Reader, this is stunning view of the highlands of Quito, Ecuador. Arriving to #Quito dry #highlands #stanito #photooftheday #ecuador A photo posted by Travel with Stanito (@travelwithstanito) on Sep 26, 2015 at 10:05pm PDT

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