Inside Synagogue La Ghriba 3

Austere La Ghriba Synagogue

Dear Reader, This is the most anonymous synagogue I have ever seen. La Ghriba synagogue, in Djerba, Tunisia. Even in super touristic spots of Tunisia you can find rare jewels. The La Ghriba or El Ghriba synagogue is the oldest still-standing synagogue in Africa. A rare piece of […]

Averno hell Stanito

Sunday pick: A Door to Hell

Dear Reader, ancient people used to believe that you could reach Hell through certain points on our planet. One of them is located in Italy close to Cumae town. Lake Averno. Because the lake used to be a volcano, the crater fumes prevented many forms of life to […]

Chollima Steel work Nampo Stanito

Chollima Steel Complex of North Korea

Dear Reader, Along the storyline of my trip to North Korea, our tour eventually took us to Namp’o, West seaport city located on the Taedong River. Here we stopped for a visit at the Chollima Steel Complex, located in Nampo, North Korea. Originally built by the Japanese in […]

Namp'o North Korea beach Stanito

North Korea Beach

Dear Reader, North Koreans know how to enjoy life, just like you do in summer: they go to the beach too. This is probably the first place I’ve been in this country where nothing seemed staged and here is why I agree it looks different from beach sides […]


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