The Ossaryum of Sedlet

Dear Reader, I’ve just visited the creepiest church ever: the Ossaryum of Sedlet. Ossaryum of Sedlet, 65 km from Prague: The entire chapel is accurately decorated with bones. The creator of this magnificent place was the Duke of Schwarzemberg, inspired by an abbot who in the year 1200 […]

2016-01-07 07.13.54

Prague Castle

Dear Reader, Remember when we talked about monuments that are unfinished and have been taken over by more architects in time? Like the Sagrada Familia, right? Well the construction of the Castle of Prague started in the year 1340 and  finished only 87 years ago! Many styles and […]


White Foggy Christmas

Dear Readers, Happy holidays everybody :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas and ready to have an exciting New Year! Stanito and Travel Buddy are on the move again, this time focusing on Europe. Starting from Italy and soon heading to Prague, Stanito caught the White Christmas […]


North Korean Gifted Children

Dear Reader, There are still many mysteries for which my friends and I still have questions for. How much of what we saw and witnessed in North Korea was actually true and how much of it was staged for us? No offence to our devoted guides but I […]


Stanito and the Snake

Dear Reader, Stanito believes that holding a snake is a dare-devil thing to do. So this photo is the Photo of the Day: Stanito holding a python. I know what you must be thinking “Stanito has eaten spiders, how can a snake be scary?” . Well it was… […]


The Smallest Theatre in the World

Yes dear Reader, the smallest theatre (or theater) in the world is precisely in Italy, more specifically in a little town of Umbria. The Teatro della Concordia as we were saying… The cutest little theatre you can imagine. it’s the smallest theatre not in terms of number of […]

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