The Mafia Saints of Italy

Dear Reader, One of my home countries, Italy, is a true gem of culture and surprises altogether. Italy is home to things that happen almost ONLY there. If you’re traveling to Italy you should know that Religion plays a phenomenal role as powerful people often turn out to […]


How to take photos of butterflies

Dear Reader, Photos are awesome, and even more if you manage to take shots of particularly difficult animals. Clearly I’m still learning and I was VERY lucky this butterfly just stayed there on that flower for so long! I can’t say butterflies are too difficult either as sometimes […]


Cutest calf ever!

Dear Reader since I got my new camera I’m going around taking photos of the best moments. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes not so much. However, I do consider the following shot to be an absolute luck: Travel Buddy and I were exploring the inlands of Michoacán, regarded […]


Guanajuato from Above

Dear Reader, Whenever you find yourself in front of a dramatic landscape, don’t miss that chance! This is a panoramic photo I took of Guanajuato from up the Bufa Hill or Cerro la Bufa. I found it special because the clouds play a dramatic role in this view […]


The extravagant church of Arandas

Dear Reader, Having lived in the city where the Vatican is I became accustomed to its Catholic extravagance. However, Mexico holds many churches that can impress you their own glitter and colours. It was when Travel Buddy and I drove towards Guanajuato that we stopped in the town […]


Sad Temple of Apollo

Dear Reader, Seems such a pity that an important mythological figure such as Apollo has only two columns left in his temple. As it happened in many other places (Libya, Ancient Rome, Syria, Babilonia) many local gods were later transliterated into their Greek correspondent. Some god named Hylates […]


The Crowded Shibuya Crossing

Dear Reader, If you come to Tokyo, make sure you have some time to cross the streets of the famous intersection outside Shibuya station. It would be a shame to come to Tokyo and miss it :) At any given time of the year, whether on sunny afternoons […]


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