Beautiful Heidelberg

Dear Reader, a long time ago I was visiting friends in this lovely, mysterious and curious town in Germany, no far from Mannheim. Heidelberg, dear Reader, where allegedly a dragon crashed and smashed an old castle. Heidelberg is also home to the oldest German university, the Heidelberg’s Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, founded […]


Sea Snake caught on camera

Dear Reader, let me brag and cheer on the Team’s latest developments: we have got an amazing camera now accompanied by its new under water case! So happy. So we went diving in Vallarta hoping to spot manta rays. Visibility wasn’t the best but we still managed to […]


A Bunker’s Legacy

Dear Reader, Let’s pick up from where we left off, right at the entrance of Mussolini’s Bunker in Soratte, a 14 km long nest of tunnels and secret chambers. This is the view of Soratte as we were arriving. From afar you can appreciate the abandoned military stations […]


Only in Mexico #2

Dear Reader, The Travel with Stanito’s staff is all over Mexico capturing the best and most unique moments, and it comes to no surprise really that the funniest things keep happening on the road. Travel Buddy Chris captured this magnificent moment on the highway road to San Luis […]



Dear Reader, This is one of the barrancas you find in Jalisco state. Because of its geography and its running water flows, Jalisco is full of these gullies. Most of them look like large ditches and valleys.


Colourful Santiago

Dear Reader, it is very rare to have a nice view of Santiago. The city, one of my hometowns, is famous for being constantly swallowed into a maze of smog. Constantly. Literally, every month of year except for mid spring and summer. Geography plays a key role here, […]

A very cute little bird I found in Galapagos. Like many other animals I saw there this one was not afraid of being approached by people, ergo the amazing poses that allowed his very best photoshoot.

Just a cute fearless bird

Dear Reader, I am not easily impressed by wonders of nature, normally animals o not approach people easily unless they are domestic ones… But in Galapagos I was impressed by the “tameness” of the animals. On island after island you can walk right up to animals that would, in […]

Bowing at the Shinto Meiji Jingu shrine, Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Love #1: The Art of Bowing

Dear Reader, Tokiko is a Japanese lady based in Guadalajara. She teaches Japanese and loves Mexican food. She says she likes the corn interference with most of the dishes, which is quite unusual in her home cuisine. Thing is … I see her everyday so I have many […]

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