North Korea

Art of North Korea

Dear reader,

below are some art works of North Korean artists advertised at the Chinese Dandong Gallery

Kim Song Sik Fortunate north korea stanitoFortunate by ©KimSongSik

Kim Hyon Myong Confrontation north korea stanitoControntation by ©KimHyonMyong

Kim Hak Rim Emergency Call north korea stanitoEmergency Call by ©KimHakRim

Hong Jae Chol By the Stream korean painting stanitoBy The Stream by ©HongJaeChol

For more paintings, click here:


  1. Thanks for sharing! How did you become interested in Northeast Asia in general, if I may ask? Having the cherubic baby walk on the fountain like that might be negligent, on the parents’ side. It looks mighty slippery…

    1. Hello Ju-won 🙂 nice hearing from you.
      I got interested in Asia in general during my childhood, my brother and I are big fans of Asian cultures like China, Japan, Korea, rich and so diverse. I guess that passion kept on growing 🙂
      On the baby walking, he is “fortunate” to have his parents holding him! Probably that’s how they came out with the photo title 😛

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