How to catch Octopus at Djerba Houmt Souq Fishing port

Dear Reader,

Any trip can provide marvelous opportunity to learn something new. This time with Stanito we learnt how to catch octopus at the Djerba Houmt Souq Fishing port.

Djerba Houmt Souq Fishing port Stanito road trip

Now, Stanito has never fished nor tried to catch any kind of sea animal in her life so it came like a “Wow, how simple” expression once she saw the basic materials that are needed: clay jars.

Fishing Octupus Djerba Houmt Souq Fishing port Stanito

They are called Zriba or else known as Octopus Trap. Here is one guy making one:

making a zriba Stanito

The clay jars are supposed to be hanged in a thread like the photo above. Drop them offshore and leave them overnight. Octopus will try and crawl into them. The following morning, if you’re lucky, you’ll find an octopus curled inside as Octopus inevitably will enter almost any spot that provides shelter.

The pots are normally set overnight attached to longlines with up to as many pots as you need. They are hauled back up again in the morning.

Octopus trap
Be sure you mark your jar so that you can collect it with no problem.




  1. Thank you for the interesting profile of this facet of life that so few of us would otherwise be exposed to…

    1. Thank you my dear for your comment.
      Stay tuned as Stanito staff photographed a rare method for catching swordfish too!

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