How to behave on a sailboat

Dear Reader,

Here is my first selfie while sailing on Trasimeno Lake. I’ve never done this before and I can guarantee it was a unique, fun amazing experience!

Stanito sailing

As thrilling and exciting as it was, it was actually the first time I’ve ever took charge of a sailing boat and I noticed the results of such thing as our boat almost flipped completely on one side. So I thought I could share in here the basic learning steps:

1- Never abandon the main wheel regardless of how strong a gust of wind can be;

2- Always listen to your partner, especially if he has experience;

3- Do not get desperate if at some point wind dies. It will get to you when you least expect it so enjoy the momentary calm by having a beer or sandwich;

4- If something bad happens—too much wind, man overboard, etc.—remember that you can bring the whole thing to a halt simply by pulling the rudder either left or right, or better, leave everything to your partner. The boat will (mostly) stop at some point.

5- Always get someone to join you so at least there will be somebody looking at the sails, the hardest part;

6- Beware of not running over sudden kite surfers;


    1. Thank you Cristina for your comment and suggestion.
      My first experience with sailing was simple, but I’ll make sure my next one will include more thrill and some running-aground ingredientes 😛 !

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