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Photo of the Day: Barbarano Romano on the edge

Dear Reader,

In Italy we have many borgos. A borgo is an italian word that normally implies the outer side of an old town, also known as paese.

This photo is of Barbarano Romano, my favorite borgo dated approximately 1280 a.D.

As in many other bongos, houses on the edge of the borgo are pending on the cliff made of tuff with a valley underneath, giving the bongo a very dramatic view from far away, looking like they almost fall off.

Barbarano Romano from cave Stanito

Barbarano Romano Stanito


  1. Very brave of you to reach the cave to take a picture of this side of Barbarano. Not an easy path. My house is just one in the picture. if you happen to come back to Barbarano, pop-in for a coffee!

    1. Alessandra, thank you so much! 😀 I will let you now when I’m there for sure.

      I adore Barbarano and I hope it remains intact for a very very long time. It’s magical. Could you identify and point to me your house?

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