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Photo of The Day: Virginia City steam train, NV

Dear Reader,

Virginia City, the city where Mark Twain began submitting articles and stories to the Territorial Enterprise, is a beautifully old must-see attraction in Nevada state that is considered to be one the most haunted place of the United States. I am not kidding.
There are at least 23 ghost stories going around, taking place in the clubs.

Virginia City NV Stanito
Stagnate standing in the middle of Virginia City main road

Some of the ghost stories took place on the famous steam train. The Virginia City steam train still operates and is a modern-day touristic attraction, not only for the tour it does but because of the haunting experience…

The steam train of Virginia City
The steam train of Virginia City

One comment

  1. Bonanza was based on Virginia City I hope that there are still saloons from the 1860s or are they all gone? I should have visited it last year while I was in Vegas!

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