Who is Stanito?

Stanito is a girl with a life built on adventures who decided to create a space where she could tell the world about the amazing travel discoveries she endures every year!


Through this blog you will learn about traveling to misunderstood places, countries that you never hear or read about, dwellings where superstitions play a key role, mythological spots where amazing things allegedly happened, mysterious regions and the discovery of great gems 🙂

She writes and displays her photographs 2 times a week and occasionally she is advertised on magazines, newspapers, travel websites and radio stations.

Born in 1983, Stana Ferrari is an Italian-Chilean travel writer who began traveling as a little child mainly in Latin America and Europe and flew for the first time alone across the Atlantic at the age of 5. Even though very young, she had tremendous fun on an airplane alone.

She has always been exposed to different cultures given her mixed background and her family relatives spread a bit all over the world.
Since she was a kid she has been interested in those countries and places that sounded mysterious, strange and hidden, their culture, history and traditions. This is how her passion for dictatorships and unrecognised countries started.

She now lives in Mexico where every week end along with Chris the Travel Buddy explores the off beaten paths of this wonderful country…

2015-09-18 170810

Stanito and Chris The Travel Buddy

… and spends time planning future sporty adventures!


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