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How to get into North Korea

Dear Reader, It’s time to answer some of the biggest questions that many travellers wonder about: how to obtain visa and access to North Korea! So here is my experience or better yet, my holiday adventure! Entering North Korea (DPRK) is a very unusual and restricted process that requires months […]

Japan Love #1: The Art of Bowing

Dear Reader, Tokiko is a Japanese lady based in Guadalajara. She teaches Japanese and loves Mexican food. She says she likes the corn interference with most of the dishes, which is quite unusual in her home cuisine. Thing is 🙂 … I see her everyday so I have […]

How to help turtles

Dear Reader, My last trip left me with a huge question: how do sea animals responde to lunar cycles? It all happened last week end… We went to San Blas and found a turtle conservation center. There are many in Mexico and normally they take over the turtle […]

How to make Tacos with Stanito

Dear Reader, as easy as it sounds, Mexican tacos are a work of art that takes time, dedication and passion. Stanito is going to teach not how to cook (I’ll leave this for next post) but how to prepare it on your dish and eat it. Today I’m […]

How to take photos of butterflies

Dear Reader, Photos are awesome, and even more if you manage to take shots of particularly difficult animals. Clearly I’m still learning and I was VERY lucky this butterfly just stayed there on that flower for so long! I can’t say butterflies are too difficult either as sometimes […]

What to pack for a Dictatorship

Dear Reader, Packing is a pickle, especially for people like me who tend to bring almost… everything. A few months ago I received a question regarding packing instructions and advise for sporty countries. I thought that was a really good question because it will definitely vary depending on […]

How to find Hell on Earth

Dear Reader, I’m going to tell you how to find Hell on Earth, so please go and locate yourself in Italy in a town called Cumae, close to Naples. I like to start these stories from its fabulous ancient origins… the Greeks. Once upon a time, when the […]

How to behave on a sailboat

Dear Reader, Here is my first selfie while sailing on Trasimeno Lake. I’ve never done this before and I can guarantee it was a unique, fun amazing experience! As thrilling and exciting as it was, it was actually the first time I’ve ever took charge of a sailing […]