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Colourful Santiago

Dear Reader, it is very rare to have a nice view of Santiago. The city, one of my hometowns, is famous for being constantly swallowed into a maze of smog. Constantly. Literally, every month of year except for mid spring and summer. Geography plays a key role here, […]

Photo of The Day: Torres del Paine

©Google, 2013 Dear reader, are you looking for breath-taking views and quietness? Then southern Chile is the right place for you. This is a small tribute to one of my much missed home-countries, Chile. The Torres del Paine National Park, located in the XII Region called Magallanes, is […]

Valle del Elqui: from the Himalaya to the Andes

Astronomy, Meditation, relax, clean sky, rest, history, local food, reservoirs, the birth place of the Pisco brand Elqui, and UFO ubductions are just some of the elements that make Valle del Elqui one of the favourite destinations for those looking for a magical place, spiritual connection, or a […]