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Lady in Red of Tianjin

Dear Reader, Riccio, Mr. Ames and I were tired of Beijing… We had seen the most important sites but crowds and heat truly took a toll on us. So one night Mr. Ames says “Beijing is not working for us, lets go to Tianjin for the day”. And […]

Photo of The Day: Sacred Mount Tai

Dear Reader, Sacred Mount Tai in the Shandong region of China, one of the Five Great Mountains, has been a place of worship for at least 3,000 years and served as one of the most important ceremonial centers of China. It’s 1,545 meters high and is associated with sunrise, […]

Stanito vs China Signs – Part 2

Dear reader, As we were saying, China has a lot to offer. Apart from its obvious beauty, dramatic history, culture and landscapes, China is a trick that will intrigue even the best translators on earth. Walking down the streets or simply paying attention inside train stations you’ll find […]