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Leda and the Swan

Dear Reader, this is one of my favourite mosaics among those I’ve seen in Paphos in the archeological site Tombs of the Kings. In most accounts Leda is to be known as mother of Helen, however there are discrepancies on how that happened. Some say Zeus (in the shape […]

Cool Passport Stamps: Molossia and Northern Cyprus

Dear Reader, As you probably know, Stanito loves collecting passport stamps that are unique or else very difficult to obtain (sometimes impossible, like the North Korean one). His Excellency Kevin Baugh, President of the Republic of Molossia, stamped Stanito’s and Travel Buddy’s passports right at the border with the United […]

Divided Lefkosia: the Green Line

Dear Reader, Crossing a check-point has always made my trips exciting and adventurous. And in this case it has never been weirder and easier than the Green Line of Lefkosia. The check-point and Green Line of Nicosia are fascinating; while barely visible, when you do notice them you […]

Cyprus, South, North & Why you should go

Dear reader, Ancient history, beautiful landscapes, remarkable culture, turquoise beaches, and great food. Dear reader, if you ever consider traveling to Cyprus you’ll probably find these elements very agreeable. It was an 8-days trip, not plenty of time but enough for Stanito to go everywhere she wanted. Unlike […]