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An Old Crowded Jewish Cemetery

Dear Reader, the lack of space can be a problem even for cemetery authorities. So in Prague I found this beautiful synagogue which has been facing a particular problem for many decades now… The cemetery is nearly 600 years old, and has about 12,000 tombstones packed in it. […]

The Change of Guards

Dear Reader, I was told “You have to watch the change of guards, you can’t miss that!” as I sipped hot chocolate in Prague for breakfast. I replied “Why?” Then it hit me. It was freezing cold outside that day, probably below -4 °c and still, Prague is meant […]

Colours of Prague

Dear Reader, I’m still not done with talking about Prague, or more likely, still not done with the photos. The city is simply too beautiful and I’m glad I went to see it in winter, when its true beauty is more appreciated 🙂

Happy 2016!

Dear Reader, Happy belated New Year 🙂 Stanito staff is back home in  Mexico after a European adventure tail: Italy, Czech Republic and surroundings. Some quick photos have been uploaded on the road but now is time to dig in the deep stories of the places we have […]

The Ossaryum of Sedlet

Dear Reader, I’ve just visited the creepiest church ever: the Ossaryum of Sedlet. Ossaryum of Sedlet, 65 km from Prague: The entire chapel is accurately decorated with bones. The creator of this magnificent place was the Duke of Schwarzemberg, inspired by an abbot who in the year 1200 […]

Prague Castle

Dear Reader, Remember when we talked about monuments that are unfinished and have been taken over by more architects in time? Like the Sagrada Familia, right? Well the construction of the Castle of Prague started in the year 1340 and  finished only 87 years ago! Many styles and […]