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Palestine Wall Graffiti

Dear Reader, Almost every city has its graffiti. Take a look at Cairo for example, or Belgrade. Even in Rome you find amazing drawings, if you passed by the San Lorenzo neighbourhood you cannot help but notice the enormous and colourful graffitis that tell the story of the […]

Tel Aviv stormy beach

Dear Reader, Yes. I have a thing for storms and those ones approaching from the sea… The one I found in Bath, UK, was remarkable too! And what about the storm I saw in Northern Cyprus? Anyway, the dramatic photo below was taken in Tel Aviv I can’t […]

Pet of The Day: The Camel of Sea Level

© Stanito, 2012 Dear reader, Every place on earth has its own celebrity/ies. At Sea Level on the way to Jericho and leading to the lowest point on earth (and the saltyest!), dear reader, this majestic, royal, modest, proud creature is a must-visit on your check list.

Masada “The Fortress”, Israel

Masada,  a legend of fighting for freedom, the story of resistance against slavery, the backdrop of one of the most dramatic episodes on Jewish history. In the times of Roman-occupied Israel, Masada was the last remaining fortress to be conquered. A crave for victory which led a handful […]

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Dear reader, Nothing is more mysterious than religious hidden papyruses found in a cave in Jericho. Just the idea behind of of tales and prophecies hidden in a vase astounds me. Located a few kilometers south of Jericho, in 1947 a beduin, having lost his goat, climbs and […]

Israel and Gaza

Before dawn on Saturday 17, Israel started one the most ferocious and massive ground war on Gaza following rocket attacks from Hamas militants. And the story will automatically repeat as follows: