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A Bunker’s Legacy

Dear Reader, Let’s pick up from where we left off, right at the entrance of Mussolini’s Bunker in Soratte, a 14 km long nest of tunnels and secret chambers. This is the view of Soratte as we were arriving. From afar you can appreciate the abandoned military stations […]

How thick is an ancient column?

Dear Reader, there are those things that arouse my curiosity and push me to find answers to the most unusual questions, such as: how thick is an ancient Roman or Greek column? This came after I was face to face with a dissected Greek column in Selinunte, Sicily. […]

Tiny Volcanoes

Dear Reader, I have seen the smallest volcanoes I could ever imagine. Yes. They are tiny and you can find them in Sicily. It all happened one hot summer… We were driving through Sicily, the best part of Italy for the record, following a very basic travel map […]

Happy 2016!

Dear Reader, Happy belated New Year 🙂 Stanito staff is back home in  Mexico after a European adventure tail: Italy, Czech Republic and surroundings. Some quick photos have been uploaded on the road but now is time to dig in the deep stories of the places we have […]

The Biggest Christmas Tree in the World!

Dear Reader, yes, the biggest tree in the world is not the one in Washington DC White House’s President Park but… in Gubbio, Umbria! That’s right, Italians hold the record for the biggest Christmas tree which is drawn on the  side of Mount Ingino since the year 1981. […]