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How to get into North Korea

Dear Reader, It’s time to answer some of the biggest questions that many travellers wonder about: how to obtain visa and access to North Korea! So here is my experience or better yet, my holiday adventure! Entering North Korea (DPRK) is a very unusual and restricted process that requires months […]

Children in North Korea

Dear Reader, Unaware of international affairs, ignorant of what happens beyond their own town, children in North Korea enjoy a casual day at the beach with their families and picnics under the shades. I took this photo in Namp’o.

Pyongyang is a Statement

Dear Reader, These are some of the photos I took of Pyongyang, North Korea, which means ‘flat land’, an ideological statement forged in concrete, bronze and marble. A totalitarian metropolis, built almost entirely from scratch following its destruction in the Korean War, Pyongyang is a fascinating yet simultaneously […]

Religion in North Korea

Dear Reader, I received a question via contact page which I find quite interesting: What religion/s do North Koreans practice? Do they go to a church or kind of temple like the Chinese maybe? The answer is a long one. North Korea is officially an atheist country. Or […]

North Korean Gifted Children

Dear Reader, There are still many mysteries for which my friends and I still have questions for. How much of what we saw and witnessed in North Korea was actually true and how much of it was staged for us? No offence to our devoted guides but I […]

The North Korean Hollywood: Cholliwood

Dear Reader, We have Hollywood in the US, Bollywood in India, Nollywood in Nigeria… So why not finding the exact replica in North Korea as well? Our North Korea tour certainly enlightened us on many things, I probably didn’t pay much attention to the itinerary they sent us […]

The Reunification of the Koreas

Dear Reader, Speculations over a future reunification of the Koreas have been going on for decades since the War ended and the two Koreas signed the Armistice Agreement in 1953. Below is the photo I took during my stay in North Korea of the Arch of Reunification, a symbol […]

What to pack for a Dictatorship

Dear Reader, Packing is a pickle, especially for people like me who tend to bring almost… everything. A few months ago I received a question regarding packing instructions and advise for sporty countries. I thought that was a really good question because it will definitely vary depending on […]