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Palestine Wall Graffiti

Dear Reader, Almost every city has its graffiti. Take a look at Cairo for example, or Belgrade. Even in Rome you find amazing drawings, if you passed by the San Lorenzo neighbourhood you cannot help but notice the enormous and colourful graffitis that tell the story of the […]

What to pack for a Dictatorship

Dear Reader, Packing is a pickle, especially for people like me who tend to bring almost… everything. A few months ago I received a question regarding packing instructions and advise for sporty countries. I thought that was a really good question because it will definitely vary depending on […]

Pet of The Day: The Camel of Sea Level

© Stanito, 2012 Dear reader, Every place on earth has its own celebrity/ies. At Sea Level on the way to Jericho and leading to the lowest point on earth (and the saltyest!), dear reader, this majestic, royal, modest, proud creature is a must-visit on your check list.

Monastery of St. Sabas, Palestine

Dear Reader, This is the Id-Deir Mar Saba, Monastry of St. Sabas, located in the Judean Desert. Founded 483 CE by Saint Sabbas from Cappadocia, Greece, this Greek Orthodox monastery is the oldest oldest surviving continuously inhabited monastic community. Home to pilgrims monks looking for hermitage, the isolated […]

Israel and Gaza

Before dawn on Saturday 17, Israel started one the most ferocious and massive ground war on Gaza following rocket attacks from Hamas militants. And the story will automatically repeat as follows:

The Palestinian Territories

Dear Reader, It is challenging to try to relate the relevant history of the area now known as the Palestinian territories without offending someone. Depending on the point at which you begin the narrative, the balance of things, rights and claims can look very different.