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Dear Reader, This is Chenini. A true gem of the Tunisian Sahara desert, one of the remaining Berber villages in Tunisia built on a hill top between two ridges, and the “satellite” used in the Star Wars Movies, Chenini is a mirage that appears out of nowhere really… […]

7 Sleepy Giants

Dear Reader, a Berber legend goes like this: Seven men were allegedly buried in the surroundings of the masjid some uncommonly large tombs (about 4 meters long) are visible. It is a popular belief that during their long sleep they did not stop growing, so when they woke […]

Stanito victim of a Superior Mirage

Dear Reader, Have you ever been witness of a mirage? Well, I have. In the Tunisian desert driving towards Matmata. Dictionary defines Mirage as following: an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused […]

Austere La Ghriba Synagogue

Dear Reader, This is the most anonymous synagogue I have ever seen. La Ghriba synagogue, in Djerba, Tunisia. Even in super touristic spots of Tunisia you can find rare jewels. The La Ghriba or El Ghriba synagogue is the oldest still-standing synagogue in Africa. A rare piece of […]

Looking for Tatooine

Dear Reader, When George Lucas heard the name of Tataouine he liked it so much that he decided to use the name for Luke Skywalker‘s native planet, Tatooine in his Star Wars saga. And given that this fantastic place is located in Tunisia, Stanito simply had to look for it 🙂 […]

Move around Tunisia

Dear Reader, Time to answer questions, this time they came from my friend Sabrina. Moving around Tunisia is a delight, in many senses. You can drive in Italy, Delhi, or smaller towns, but  Tunisia is just pleasant and fun. With 8 airports, of which 5 handle international flights, […]

Tunisia: why you should go and quick!

Dear Reader, Just the name of Tunisia alone evokes romantic images of desert moons, Mediterranean houses on top of hills and the enchanting sand dunes of the Sahara. If you search on Travel + Leisure or any travel website, I’m sure you’ll find good reasons to go to […]