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9 Things you didn’t know about Reno

Dear Reader, Most people know that Reno, Las Vegas‘ little brother, was once the gambling capital of the United States until late 60’s. Most people from the 80’s will also know that the super fun movie Sister Act was filmed here… And finally, I think most people will […]

The Onion Valley, CA

Dear Reader, Stanito is very fond of good food and spices that enrich flavors. Being Italian and Chilean this becomes a pretty obvious treat. So when Mr. Ames told her that on our road trip there would be a place called Onion Valley, Stanito’s eyes sparkled of joy. […]

California Bears

Dear Reader, Stanito and Travel Buddy are on the road again looking for new untapped spots and adventures starting with California. As it is fairly common to see them, bears are big part of the memorabilia of California as you find them on restaurant names, souvenirs, posters. Bears […]