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The Day of the Dead in Mexican Style

Dear Reader, Have you met Catrina? no?! This is her: Catrina is a tall, elegantly attired female skeleton sporting an extravagantly plumed hat. She is the creation of print maker José Guadalupe Posada, dated back in 1910, a time where calaveras (Spanish for ‘skulls’) images were wielded as political […]

An Old Crowded Jewish Cemetery

Dear Reader, the lack of space can be a problem even for cemetery authorities. So in Prague I found this beautiful synagogue which has been facing a particular problem for many decades now… The cemetery is nearly 600 years old, and has about 12,000 tombstones packed in it. […]

Who were the Nymphs?

Dear Reader, Ancient Greek myths are loaded of incredible creatures all nested together in a fantasy world that has endured for millennia, and today I will tell you everything you need to know about the nymphs. I believe they are the most romantic and soft side of the […]

How to get into North Korea

Dear Reader, It’s time to answer some of the biggest questions that many travellers wonder about: how to obtain visa and access to North Korea! So here is my experience or better yet, my holiday adventure! Entering North Korea (DPRK) is a very unusual and restricted process that requires months […]

The Church that survived Lava

Dear Reader, In the area of Angahuan, an indigenous town lost in the middle of Michoacan, lies a particular church. It is the San Juan sanctuary of Paricutin. Built in the 14th century, the Sanctuary of San Juan de Paricutín was beautiful, always looked after and transited by […]

7 Sleepy Giants

Dear Reader, a Berber legend goes like this: Seven men were allegedly buried in the surroundings of the masjid some uncommonly large tombs (about 4 meters long) are visible. It is a popular belief that during their long sleep they did not stop growing, so when they woke […]

Stanito and the Guachimontones

Dear Reader, These are the Guachimontones. 2,000-year-old circular ruins found in Teuchitlan, Jalisco  and the ONLY known circular pyramids on Earth. At first, little was known about these circular pyramids, who had built them, why they had been built, so you can imagine how many theories surround this remarkable site. […]

How the Mayans played Ball

Dear Reader, As far as research tells us, the Mayans didn’t play football. They played hip ball. They had their own unique way to play with each other as a form of entertainment and to show respect to the gods. Stanito traveled to Yucatán and Quintana-Roo for you, […]