Category: nature

Natural Christmas Tree

Dear Reader, Nature can surprise us with its multiple formations. And coincidentally at Christmas time the Cañón del Sumidero surprised me by presenting me with a huge natural tree up on a cliff face.  Pay particular attention to the thick hanging moss formation that stands out

The Stick Insect

Dear Reader, A strange creature has been recently brought to my attention. A few days ago a friend of mine posted a curious photo on his Facebook wall. Something that looked like a peculiar tree branch was in fact the strangest little creature I have lately heard of. […]

Sea Snake caught on camera

Dear Reader, let me brag and cheer on the Team’s latest developments: we have got an amazing camera now accompanied by its new under water case! So happy. So we went diving in Vallarta hoping to spot manta rays. Visibility wasn’t the best but we still managed to […]

Just a cute fearless bird

Dear Reader, I am not easily impressed by wonders of nature, normally animals o not approach people easily unless they are domestic ones… But in Galapagos I was impressed by the “tameness” of the animals. On island after island you can walk right up to animals that would, in […]

The Secret Beach & the Hermit Crab

Dear Reader, Let’s celebrate intact nature this Sunday 🙂 Sometimes I like exploring new places, especially when I hear that in Mexico there is a long stretch of coast unaccessible from anybody unless you’re a fancy guest or you come by sea. I wouldn’t normally mind but the […]