Natural Christmas Tree

Dear Reader, Nature can surprise us with its multiple formations. And coincidentally at Christmas time the Cañón del Sumidero surprised me by presenting me with a huge natural tree up on a cliff face.  Pay particular attention to the thick hanging moss formation that stands out Advertisements

Photo of the Day: Balloons

Dear Reader, In 1842, Don Benito Leon Acosta and Rubí de Celis, born in Guanajuato, managed to take off in a hot air balloon made by him. It was the first time an aircraft ever flew over Mexico. Balloons have ever since become a colourful and picturesque attractions […]

Unknown Argentina: Esteros del Ibera

Dear Reader, our guest-blogger of this week is Tristan Libault, French national, adventurer and editor of the Argentina Exception travel website and today he will tell us about precious off the beaten path jewels of the southern cone. Everybody’s heard about Argentina. The marvellous Iguazu Falls, the glittering Buenos […]

Unknown Mexico: Colourful Michoacan

Dear Reader, I truly find that real Mexico is found only in few places. I say this because this country tends to be stereotyped and often confused to what spring-breakers look for every year. Don’t fall for that trap, my dear Reader, for you’re looking for authentic and […]

The Day of the Dead in Mexican Style

Dear Reader, Have you met Catrina? no?! This is her: Catrina is a tall, elegantly attired female skeleton sporting an extravagantly plumed hat. She is the creation of print maker José Guadalupe Posada, dated back in 1910, a time where calaveras (Spanish for ‘skulls’) images were wielded as political […]

Unknown Mexico: Muyil

Dear Reader, Exploring Mexico, and more precisely Yucatán and Quintana-Roo, normally means beating  a very crowded path filled with utterly touristic places and therefore hordes of tourists. And this goes for archeological sites as as well beaches. So, dear Reader, if you do come to Mexico looking for […]