Only in Mexico #2

Dear Reader, The Travel with Stanito’s staff is all over Mexico capturing the best and most unique moments, and it comes to no surprise really that the funniest things keep happening on the road. Travel Buddy Chris captured this magnificent moment on the highway road to San Luis […]


Dear Reader, This is one of the barrancas you find in Jalisco state. Because of its geography and its running water flows, Jalisco is full of these gullies. Most of them look like large ditches and valleys.

Colourful Santiago

Dear Reader, it is very rare to have a nice view of Santiago. The city, one of my hometowns, is famous for being constantly swallowed into a maze of smog. Constantly. Literally, every month of year except for mid spring and summer. Geography plays a key role here, […]

Just a cute fearless bird

Dear Reader, I am not easily impressed by wonders of nature, normally animals o not approach people easily unless they are domestic ones… But in Galapagos I was impressed by the “tameness” of the animals. On island after island you can walk right up to animals that would, in […]

Japan Love #1: The Art of Bowing

Dear Reader, Tokiko is a Japanese lady based in Guadalajara. She teaches Japanese and loves Mexican food. She says she likes the corn interference with most of the dishes, which is quite unusual in her home cuisine. Thing is 🙂 … I see her everyday so I have […]

The Secret Beach & the Hermit Crab

Dear Reader, Let’s celebrate intact nature this Sunday 🙂 Sometimes I like exploring new places, especially when I hear that in Mexico there is a long stretch of coast unaccessible from anybody unless you’re a fancy guest or you come by sea. I wouldn’t normally mind but the […]

The Church that survived Lava

Dear Reader, In the area of Angahuan, an indigenous town lost in the middle of Michoacan, lies a particular church. It is the San Juan sanctuary of Paricutin. Built in the 14th century, the Sanctuary of San Juan de Paricutín was beautiful, always looked after and transited by […]

How thick is an ancient column?

Dear Reader, there are those things that arouse my curiosity and push me to find answers to the most unusual questions, such as: how thick is an ancient Roman or Greek column? This came after I was face to face with a dissected Greek column in Selinunte, Sicily. […]

Angry Sea

Dear Reader, This is my latest capture of the typical angry stormy sea of the centre-West coast of Mexico. El Niño this past year arrived and kind of messed up with the usual weather forecast. Nonetheless the view is still as beautiful as always.