The Secret Beach & the Hermit Crab

Dear Reader, Let’s celebrate intact nature this Sunday 🙂 Sometimes I like exploring new places, especially when I hear that in Mexico there is a long stretch of coast unaccessible from anybody unless you’re a fancy guest or you come by sea. I wouldn’t normally mind but the […]

The Church that survived Lava

Dear Reader, In the area of Angahuan, an indigenous town lost in the middle of Michoacan, lies a particular church. It is the San Juan sanctuary of Paricutin. Built in the 14th century, the Sanctuary of San Juan de Paricutín was beautiful, always looked after and transited by […]

How thick is an ancient column?

Dear Reader, there are those things that arouse my curiosity and push me to find answers to the most unusual questions, such as: how thick is an ancient Roman or Greek column? This came after I was face to face with a dissected Greek column in Selinunte, Sicily. […]

Angry Sea

Dear Reader, This is my latest capture of the typical angry stormy sea of the centre-West coast of Mexico. El Niño this past year arrived and kind of messed up with the usual weather forecast. Nonetheless the view is still as beautiful as always.

Only in Tunisia

Dear Reader, Continuing our search for crazy driving things around the world, today’s post is about my experience of driving in Tunisia. It was very fun and curious. This is what I saw: If you haven‘t ever driven in a non-Western country before, driving in Tunisia can certainly […]

Pirates of the Caribbean

Dear Reader, I have always felt fascination for pirates stories and legends, how they pillaged entire villages, how they arrived at night, their boats, their clothes and flags. Just fascinating 🙂 And guess what, I am finally in the right place where pirates’ stories are abundant: Mexico. The […]

Photo of the Day: The Lagoon of Bacalar

Dear Reader, Today I celebrate one of the most beautiful lagoons I have ever seen: the Lagoon of Bacalar, else known as the Lagoon of Seven Shades of Turquoise. Turquoise is everywhere here… and this place holds more oddities and curiosities than you can imagine. Stay tuned for […]

Only in Mexico

Dear Reader, Driving is always an indicator of many things. Some countries will be safe and follow the driving rules. While others will simply drive you crazy. As Chris and I often drive to new places in this amazing countries, it’s very common to find these driving-riding styles: A […]