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How to get into North Korea

Dear Reader, It’s time to answer some of the biggest questions that many travellers wonder about: how to obtain visa and access to North Korea! So here is my experience or better yet, my holiday adventure! Entering North Korea (DPRK) is a very unusual and restricted process that requires months […]

How the Mayans played Ball

Dear Reader, As far as research tells us, the Mayans didn’t play football. They played hip ball. They had their own unique way to play with each other as a form of entertainment and to show respect to the gods. Stanito traveled to Yucatán and Quintana-Roo for you, […]

People & Sea Lions

Dear Reader, Galapagos is the perfect example of how humans and wild animals live together in peaceful cohabitation. Below is a photo I took at the fish market of Puerto Ayora, main city and capital of Santa Cruz island. The sea lion awaits patiently for the lady to […]

Stanito in Galapagos!

Dear Reader, Stanito has embarked in a new wildlife adventure: Galapagos. First stop: giant tortoises! Stanito filmed a lovely slow paced tortoise in the National Park of Chato. Gentle, slow moving creatures, yo can find them in the breading station or else free in nature such as this one. […]

Palestine Wall Graffiti

Dear Reader, Almost every city has its graffiti. Take a look at Cairo for example, or Belgrade. Even in Rome you find amazing drawings, if you passed by the San Lorenzo neighbourhood you cannot help but notice the enormous and colourful graffitis that tell the story of the […]

Tel Aviv stormy beach

Dear Reader, Yes. I have a thing for storms and those ones approaching from the sea… The one I found in Bath, UK, was remarkable too! And what about the storm I saw in Northern Cyprus? Anyway, the dramatic photo below was taken in Tel Aviv I can’t […]

Silent Sunset

Dear Reader, as it’s Sunday I feel I need to share this particular shot: sunset photographed in Barra de Navidad, close to Manzanillo, Jalisco, Mexico. It is the most silent spot I have encountered so far. Not very touristic, quiete and the storm drove most people away. This […]

How to make Tacos with Stanito

Dear Reader, as easy as it sounds, Mexican tacos are a work of art that takes time, dedication and passion. Stanito is going to teach not how to cook (I’ll leave this for next post) but how to prepare it on your dish and eat it. Today I’m […]

Butterfly Fishing

Dear Reader, Mexico treasures hunt continues. This time Travel Buddy and I went to Pátzcuaro, in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Its lake hold about 8 islands with many particular tradition, especially the veneration and prayer for the dead. Below is the island of Janitzio. It’s here in […]

The North Korean Hollywood: Cholliwood

Dear Reader, We have Hollywood in the US, Bollywood in India, Nollywood in Nigeria… So why not finding the exact replica in North Korea as well? Our North Korea tour certainly enlightened us on many things, I probably didn’t pay much attention to the itinerary they sent us […]